Trap Neuter (Spay) Release

What Are Feral Cats

Basically cats that are born and raised in the wild are called feral cats. Feral kittens learn to fear humans within weeks of birth.

Once this fear manifests, wild catsIMG_0117

  1. Will not want to have contact with people.
  2. Will not desire to live indoors.

The chances of a feral cat becoming socialized with humans is near zero, and thus disqualifies the cat for adoption. If a feral cat is trapped by local animal control services, it’s usually destroyed.

Trap Neuter (Spay) Release Programs

Trap Neuter (Spay) Release (TNR) programs are in place if the neighborhood citizens want to take the initiative to try to control the feral cat population without euthanizing.

A trap and release strategy is simply that:

  1. Trap a feral cat
  2. Treat it with inoculations (if needed)
  3. Spay or neuter it
  4. Re-release or relocate it.

This strategy allows the feline to return to its suburban habitat, while negating its ability to reproduce and add to a growing feral cat population.

TNR Program Effectiveness

TNR programs do have a limited impact on feral cat colony control. However, many times these programs

  • Are under-funded and under-staffed
  • Rely on the local populace to take initiative
  • Rely on the local populace to rent or purchase a trap.
  • Rely on the local populace to trap the cat.
  • Rely on the local populace to pay for the service.
  • Rely on the local populace to re-release the cat.

Some people do take the initiative to capture, neuter and re-release feral cats. For every hundred cats brought in weekly, thousands more are wandering within a few square miles.

IMG_0109Again, I believe if people are assured that feral cat colonies can be regulated with little effort on the part of the citizens, hundreds more cats can be saved.

This is exactly why I am trying to raise the capital necessary to fund an end-to-end free TNR service. I am asking for donations for this worthy, non-profit venture.  Please help with whatever you can.

If you would like to contact me you can do it this way:

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